Training course B


This MUFITS training course is an overview course of the simulator capacbilities. An emphasis is done on the EOS-modules BLACKOIL, GASSTORE and T2EOS1.

Note, the course is designed for MUFITS version 2015.B. Generally, you cannot run the sample simulations, given in this document, using an older version of the simulator, because full backward and forward compatibility is not supported.

Copy the last versions of simulator executables to the SIMULATIONS/BIN folder before running simulations associated with the training course.

Associated files

File Version Description
CourseB.pdf 2015.F The training course documentation.
CourseB-Day1.pdf 2015.F Presentation. Day 1.
CourseB-Day2.pdf 2015.F Presentation. Day 2.
CourseB-Day3.pdf 2015.F Presentation. Day 3.
CourseB-Day4.pdf 2015.F Presentation. Day 4.
SIMULATIONS.rar 2015.F The working directory and the RUN-files.