CO2 injection in the 10th SPE reservoir


CO<sub>2</sub> injection in the 10th SPE reservoire This example is based on the 10th SPE comparative solution project reservoir. We consider the flow only in the 50th layer of the reservoir. Initially the layer is saturated by pure water with uniform distribution of temperature. The initial distribution of pressure is a linear function along the y-axis. The two boundaries of the reservoir which are parallel to the y-axis are considered as fully insulated. We fix the initial values of pressure and temperature at one boundary parallel to the x-axis and we inject pure heated CO2 through the second boundary. The initial reservoir conditions and the parameters of injection are imposed in a way to ensure the appearance of three-phase flow region of water, liquid CO2 and gaseous CO2 under subcritical conditions for pure CO2. The simulation results must be exactly the same as published in the article if you comment out the local grid refinement specification in the RUN-file.


Associated files

File Version Description
EXAMPLE-H2.RUN 2015.D Input file for the problem of CO2 injection in the 10th SPE reservoir.
EXAMPLE-H2.pvsm - ParaView state file for the output visualization and postprocessing.
EXAMPLE-H2.pdf - The problem description. - The petrophyscical data. This zip-archive contains the files:
  • EXAMPLE-H2.PORO - the porosity;
  • EXAMPLE-H2.PERMX - the x-direction permeability;
  • EXAMPLE-H2.PERMY - the y-direction permeability;
  • EXAMPLE-H2.PERMZ - the z-direction permeability.
The original data can be downloaded at the website

Screenshots and animated figures


  1. Afanasyev A. Multiphase Compositional Modelling of CO2 Injection Under Subcritical Conditions: The Impact of Dissolution and Phase Transitions Between Liquid and Gaseous CO2 on Reservoir Temperature. //2013. Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control. 9, P.731-742. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijggc.2013.01.042.