CO2 injection in Johansen formation (Example-H4)


CO2 injection in Johansen formation (Example-H4) The example-H4 concerns simulation of CO2 injection in the Johansen formation using a real-scale geological model of the formation. We use the “sector model with heterogeneous rock properties”, which can be downloaded at The model comprises 11 layers of grid blocks. There are 5 vertical faults in the model. We simulate two scenarios of CO2 injection in this formation for two different locations of the injection well (INJ1 and INJ2) in the region of depression. The duration of the injection period is 100 years while the post-injection period, considered in here, is 2500 years. The injection results in two-phase buoyancy-driven flows of the formation water and supercritical CO2. The CO2 plume spreading along the caprock is strongly affected by the complicated geological settings, particularly by the local topology of the caprock.


Associated files

File Version Description
EXAMPLE-H4.RUN 2015.D Input file for the problem.
The computational grid and petrophyscical data - The computational grid and petrophysical data should be downloaded at /Downloads/Johansen/. The following files for the "sector model with heterogeneous rock properties in the Johansen formation" are required:
  • NPD5.grdecl - the computational grid;
  • NPD5_Faults.txt - the location of the faults;
  • NPD5_Porosity.txt - the porosity;
  • NPD5_Permeability.txt - the permeability.
EXAMPLE-H4.pvsm - ParaView state file for the output visualization and postprocessing.
EXAMPLE-H4.pdf 2013.B The problem description.

Screenshots and animated figures


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