Test for heat conduction


Test for heat conduction This example involves numerical solution of the discontinuity break-down problem for the heat conduction equation. The fluid flow is not involved in this simulation. The break-down problem is one-dimensional self-similar problem. At the initial moment of time the temperature distribution has a single discontinuity. The temperature distributions on either side of the discontinuity are uniform. The heat conduction results in the discontinuity smearing. For numerical solution of the problem we consider a column (tube) filled with impermeable rocks (porosity is equal to 0). Thus only rock, not fluid, PVT properties must be defined. The permeability data is not required too. This self-similar problem has analytical solution which can be used for testing of the simulator capabilities for modelling heat conduction processes. Using the analytical solution the temperature values were calculated at the specific coordinates at 1000 days. These values should also be reported using MUFITS simulator.


Associated files

File Version Description
HC.RUN 2015.D Input file for the heat conduction test. The file also contains mathematical formulation of the problem and the analytical solution formula.
HC.pvsm - ParaView state file for the output visualization and postprocessing.

Screenshots and animated figures