Flue gas injection


Flue gas injection into a saline aquifer This is an extension of the benchmark study 3.1 published in Class H. et al. A benchmark study on problems related to CO2 storage in geologic formations. Comput Geosci 2009, 13(4):409-434. DOI: 10.1007/s10596-009-9146-x. Instead of modelling a pure CO2 injection, we simulate injection of an impure gas consisting of 90% of CO2 and 10% of N2. The injection gas should be regarded as a flue gas. The volume injection rate at the reservoir pressure and temperature is equal to that in the original study. Other parameters of the study have not been changed. The purification of CO2 up to high separation levels of near 100% can be an expensive and time-consuming process for large injection rates. Therefore, injection of the CO2-rich flue gas obtained by a partial removal of N2 from an exhaust gas can be a part of competitive CCS technology. The example study aims at demonstrating the software applicability to the simulations of such co-injection scenarios.


Associated files

File Version Description
EXAMPLE-FLUE-GAS.RUN 2021.B Input file for the example simulation of a flue gas injection.
EXAMPLE-H3.GRDECL - Formatted grid file.
EXAMPLE-H3.PORO - Porosity distribution.
EXAMPLE-H3.PERM - Absolute permeability distribution.
EXAMPLE-H3-LARGE.ACTNUM - You can reduce the number of grid blocks in the model by loading this ACTNUM array (load it using INCLUDE within MAKE-ENDMAKE brackets).
EXAMPLE-H3-SW-CUT.RUN 2021.B Input file for the original problem 3.1 concerning a pure CO2 injection using the COMPS module.

Screenshots and animated figures


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