Realistic model 1 (Two-phase Black-oil)


Comparative Study This problem demonstrates MUFITS capabilities in realistic engineering-like simulations of petroleum reservoirs. The domain is a small region of an oil field operated under pressure depletion. This is a two-phase problem without hydrocarbon gas. The reservoir model comprises 6036 active grid blocks and 10 wells. There are 4 layers with different rock properties, fluid properties and saturation functions in every layer. The relative permeability and capillary pressure end-point scaling option is used to match the history production rates. The end-points are altered in the near well regions to improve the match to history. The initial distribution of water saturation is specified, and it is honored during initial equilibration which is done independently for every layer. There is a complicated operational schedule for 10 production wells. The historical controlling rates are specified, and wells are temporary stopped for maintenance. The wells bottom-hole pressure, water cut and production rates should be reported for 790 days of the field operations.


Associated files

File Version Description
OW2P-RT.RUN 2015.D Input file for the study.
OW2P-RT.pvsm - ParaView state file for the output visualization and postprocessing.
OW2P-RT.SCHEDULE - Production schedule.
OW2P-RT.NTG - Net-to-gross ratio.
OW2P-RT.PORO - Porosity.
OW2P-RT.PERMX - X-direction permeability.
OW2P-RT.PERMY - Y-direction permeability.
OW2P-RT.PERMZ - Z-direction permeability.
OW2P-RT.EQLNUM - Equilibration regions.
OW2P-RT.SWCR - Critical water saturation.
OW2P-RT.KRW - Water relative permeability end-points.
OW2P-RT.SOWCR - Oil critical saturations.
OW2P-RT.SWATINIT - Initial water saturation.
ADDSATNUM.INC - Saturation function regions for near well zones.
ADDSOWCR.INC - Critical oil saturations for near well zones.

Screenshots and animated figures