Modelling the brittle-ductile transition


Brittle-ductile transition This example demonstrates MUFITS capabilities for modelling the brittle-ductile transition. The example requires application of the options for modelling of the plastic behaviour of rocks at elevated temperatures and hydraulic fracturing at elevated pressures. A cross-sectional model of the Earth crust is considered. A quite high geothermic gradient causes hydrothermal convection in the shallow brittle zone of the crust. From below the convection is limited by the brittle-ductile transition. The transition is perturbed with the ascending and descending plumes of the convective flow. Several cases are considered which include 1D calculation of the steady-state depth-dependent profiles and 2D examples demonstrating the convection as well as a localized fluid and heat flux from a degassing magma body influence on the transition zone.

File Version Description
BDT-PROBLEM-1.RUN 2019.B Input file for the Problem 1.
BDT-PROBLEM-2A.RUN 2019.B Input file for the Problem 2a.
BDT-PROBLEM-2B.RUN 2019.B Input file for the Problem 2b.
BDT-PROBLEM-2C.RUN 2019.B Input file for the Problem 2c.
BDT-PROBLEM-3A.RUN 2019.B Input file for the Problem 3a.
BDT-PROBLEM-3B.RUN 2019.B Input file for the Problem 3b.

Screenshots and animated figures


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