Andrey Afanasyev


I am leading at the Moscow State University academic research activities of non-isothermal multiphase flows in porous media. These activities include application of both analytical and computational methods. My scientific interests cover a range of issues from fundamental investigations of transport equations for flows in a porous medium to approaches for accelerated thermal and compositional reservoir simulations. I am also interested in development of new techniques for modelling of subsurface carbon dioxide and natural gas storage, geothermal energy production and petroleum reservoirs exploration.

The MUFITS simulator is an aggregated result of the codes which I developed to simulate various aspects of the flows in porous media. Permanent necessity in time-consuming design of a new code for every new problem I considered resulted in an activity related to development of the general purpose simulator. I am making this simulator available to a wider scientific community at this website.


Professional Experience



Postal address: 1 Mitchurinskiy prospekt, Moscow 119192, Russia

Web Pages: ResearcherID; Scopus; Google Scholar; ORCID; ResearchGate; eLIBRARY; Istina_MSU; LinkedIn


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