MUFITS is a noncommercial reservoir simulator for analysis of non-isothermal multiphase multicomponent flows in porous media. The simulator is designed for parallel compositional simulations using both laptops and supercomputers. MUFITS can accommodate geologic, petrophysic and thermophysic data of the real-world complexity.

MUFITS has several EOS modules for prediction PVT properties of reservoir fluids:

MUFITS can accommodate complex geological setting of the reservoir like heterogeneity, folds or faults. The simulator can load the corner-point grids commonly used in the reservoir simulation industry. The simulator can also automatically create cartesian or radial grids for academic research studies. The local grid refinement, faults and aquifer options are available among others.

The simulations can be performed in parallel using supercomputers. From the very outset of MUFITS development, the simulator was designed for parallel simulation using MPI interface. This ensured a very good scaling of the computational problems. The estimates show that up to 32 processes there is a linear acceleration of the simulations for a problem comprising several hundred thousand cells.

MUFITS takes a free formatted input data file, which contains the simulation schedule description. The description is formulated using keywords syntax. Both the numeric model parameters and the computation options can be specified in the input data file. The properties in the form of functions are specified by tables.

MUFITS is distributed only for non-profit academic research. The simulator and associated documentation can be downloaded within this website under the terms of End user license agreement.